Preventive Care

Preventive Care

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Every year, millions of people die completely preventable deaths. Half of all American deaths are considered to be due to preventable behaviors, caused by our sedentary lifestyles and certain unhealthy activities. Preventive Care, or prophylaxis, is one of the best solutions to maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle. Rather than waiting to get ill, or treating a condition once it has reached a later stage, our experienced and friendly staff at AllCare Family Medicine And Urgent Care in Tysons Corner looks for the first signs of a condition and appropriately treats it before it causes any serious complications.


What Are The Most Common Preventive Services?

Many types of chronic illnesses stem from easily manageable lifestyle changes. Whether it’s your diet, exercise routine, drinking, smoking, or a variety of other seemingly unrelated factors, preventive care can ensure you live a longer life free from medical complications. Some of the most common preventive services include:

  • Childhood Immunizations,
  • Cholesterol Treatment,
  • Help with Quitting Smoking,
  • Hypertension Control,
  • Preemptive Cancer Screenings.

By receiving annual check-ups and following your doctor’s prescribed treatment plans, you can greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory conditions, diabetes and cancers such as colorectal cancer.

Should I Receive A Colonoscopy Or Use Cologuard?

Colorectal cancer, commonly referred to as bowel or colon cancer, is an abnormal growth of cancerous cells in parts of the large intestine, and is one of the most common forms of cancer in adults. Most cases of colorectal cancer are due to lifestyle and aging, including prolonged use of cigarettes or alcohol, unhealthy diets with a lot of red meat consumption, and a lack of physical activity. Although colon cancer has a 90% survival rate, a lot of that is predicated on finding the cancerous cells early.

Colonoscopies are considered the gold standard of detection and are the best tool at finding any cancerous or precancerous cells in the rectum. Although you might feel uncomfortable with taking the test, don’t feel embarrassed and instead schedule a visit with our professional and discreet medical providers at AllCare Family Medicine And Urgent Care in Tysons Corner. The procedure is painless, thanks to mild sedation, and most patients don’t even realize it has taken place. Once you’re cleared, you can go back home feeling reassured, and will probably not need to undergo the procedure for another ten years.

The Cologuard test is a relatively recent, non-invasive medical advancement that allows our doctors to evaluate your rectum without sedation or uncomfortable procedures. Instead, patients simply provide their stool for laboratory analysis. This test should be taken once every three years, however, and is still not as accurate at determining the presence of cancer as a full colonoscopy. There is also a slight chance (13%) of false positives, but these results can be double-checked against a later colonoscopy if required.

No matter how “well” you feel, there are certain tests and steps you can take to ensure a longer and healthier life. On your next visit, speak with our AllCare Family Medicine And Urgent Care in Tysons Corner physicians about what preventive care and treatment you may need depending on your age and lifestyle. Call now to schedule an appointment, or use our online booking tool.