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Losing weight does not have to be hard, but it isn’t a simple matter of willpower either. Our compassionate team of board-certified physicians, nurses, dietitians and behavioral health therapists at AllCare Family Medicine And Urgent Care in Tysons Corner can work with you to develop a holistic approach to weight loss so that you can feel more comfortable in your body, regain vigor and achieve that dress or pants size you’ve always wanted.

Everybody, and every body, is different. Our weight loss programs are the result of years of experience and are tailored to your physiology and psychology, to make achieving your desired goals an easy and painless process. 


What Is Included In Your Weight Loss Program?

Our certified physicians work alongside you to find the perfect weight loss program to achieve your desired goals in a healthy and timely manner. While every patient is different, some aspects of the program include:

  • Behavior and lifestyle changes
  • Diet and nutrition plan
  • Medication (if necessary)
  • Weight loss fitness regime

Along the journey, our committed staff will be there to support you and positively reinforce your resolution. With an individual approach catered to your long- and short-term goals, we will monitor your developments together to ensure you achieve your weight loss objectives.

Am I Eligible For A Medical Weight Loss Program?

Medical weight loss is a safe method proven to ensure steady weight loss until a desired healthy weight is achieved. Generally, the program is most useful to those patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, or those with a BMI above 27 with further obesity-related conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. 

Body mass index is a convenient rule of thumb that uses your weight and height to establish an ideal weight range for you. You can work out your BMI using the following calculation:

BMI = ( Weight (lbs.) / Height Squared (in.2) ) x 703

If your results are between 18.5 and 25, you are generally within a normal weight range for someone of your height. Between 25 and 30, a person is considered overweight, and above 30 they are considered obese according to this estimate. This is a rough guide, however, and at AllCare Family Medicine And Urgent Care in Tysons Corner our physicians carry out a series of tests to ascertain your current condition and provide a treatment plan best suited to your desired weight goals.

How Soon Will I See The Effects?

Medical weight loss is highly individual, based on factors that include your current and desired weight. Following our experienced weight loss experts’ instructions, any physical changes will happen in a controlled and safe manner, promoting healthy habits so that you may maintain your objective for longer.

Our patients lose, on average, between 1 and 5 pounds every week. With our dedicated support, this can continue throughout the length of the program, and you can experience losses of up to 40 pounds in two months. The results will be consistently monitored by AllCare’s specialists and adapted as your condition improves.